Pastors of New Members
Minister Robert & Sister Sherita Maxwell 

Welcome! The Changing A Generation New Members Ministry is comprised of those who have been a member for two (2) years or less. It is designed to ensure that all New Members make a smooth and comfortable transition into their new Church family. We specialize in making sure that every possible resource is available to our New Members as they pursue their Divine Destiny!

How Do We Serve Our New Members?

  • We welcome New Members into the fold, assist them in completing the registration/intake process, provide information regarding New Member classes, and serve as a liaison between the Senior Pastor and members.
  • We support, embrace and welcome New Members while providing them with effective, quality and professional information and resources regarding their newly embraced ministry.
  • We provide spiritual support, leadership development and practical guidance to new converts to the Christian faith and the vision/mission of CAG Ministries.
  • We make New Members familiar with the history and organizational structure of CAG Ministries.
  • We make New Members familiar with the Vision of the House, Baptist Doctrine, Full Gospel Distinctive's, Stewardship and Discipleship.
  • We provide a starting point (or launch pad) for New Members to become familiar with fellow members, facilities and ministries.
  • We motivate New Members to become actively involved in volunteer support and networking ministries within CAG Ministries.

STEP 1: New Members Perfecting Classes

All New Members are required to complete six one-hour classes prior to serving in a ministry capacity. The classes are held on Sunday mornings at 9:00am inside the New Members Room. The Perfecting Classes are designed to provide each New Member with a foundational understanding of what we believe and to facilitate any questions. These classes may be taken in any order and there is no prerequisite for the classes. We encourage New Members to begin their classes immediately following their membership intake process. Upon completion of these classes, the New Member will receive a completion card for their records.

Our New Members Orientation is a special time of fellowship where our Pastor and Co-Pastor personally meets and greets each New Member. It is also designed to allow our Pastor and Co-Pastor to share their hearts with the people of God in a small, informal setting. Each member receives a personalized certificate at the conclusion of the Orientation and refreshments are served.

STEP 2: New Members Orientation

This two-hour Orientation is held on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday during alternating months at 10:00am inside the main sanctuary of Changing A Generation Atlanta. Registration for each Orientation session begins at 9:30am.

STEP 3: Attend One Dream, One Team Meeting

The One Dream, One Team meeting is designed to introduce all New Members that have completed Steps 1 and 2 above to the volunteer ministries of Changing A Generation Atlanta. Each New Member will be welcomed to the Team and are asked to complete a Volunteer Information Sheet. New Members will then be directed to the volunteer ministry of his or her choice for further guidance.